Word Hunt

Version 2.2



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Created by: Charles DeWeese OS: All Windows

Word Hunt is a free dictionary for many word games, such as crosswords, scrabble, literati, and more, This application will help you quickly find words while you're solving word puzzles and games of all kinds.

Unscramble will give you the edge with scrabble and other word games where you need to unscramble a word, want to start a scrabble game off the game with a WOW, how about a 7 letter word from `ensinrw` and click unscramble and we have `winners'. The ? character can be used to match any single character.

Wildcard matching allows you to fill in the blanks for crosswords, say you need a word that's 7 letters long and starts with BE and ends with IME. You simply enter it as BE??IME and click `wild`, you'll get all words that contain this pattern. The ? character can be used to match any single character.

Exact for just when you want to verify a word. Perhaps you're not entirely sure of the spelling or have a word and not sure if it's actually a word.

Dictionary contains 176,724 words.

No installation required, Single executable, Simple, easy, free.


Release Notes:
10/26/2007 Released version 2.2
  Minor bug fix
8/13/2007 Released version 2.1
  Fixed: Wild matches didn't work properly.
Fixed: Unscramble wasn't returning specific word lengths based on user selection.

Changed: Progressbar has been incorporated into main dialog.
Changed: Updated application fonts to true-type fonts.
8/11/2007 Released version 2.0
  First Public Release