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Created by: Charles DeWeese OS: All Windows

Tray Task allows you to remove any program from the Windows taskbar and store it under a popup menu on the TrayTask tray icon. The application is then accessed via the TrayTask right-click menu.

Why would you want this?
Sometimes you have a program running and you want to make sure other users on the compute don't close it. Or perhaps the application can't minimize to the windows tray. This is a great way to clear up toolbar clutter.

What happens if I close TrayTask while programs are hidden?
They window is automatically restored to your Windows taskbar.

No installation required, Single executable, Simple, easy, free.



Release Notes:
11/18/2007 Released version 1.2
  Added the application icon next to window caption.
11/04/2007 Released version 1.1
  Merged the Tasks sub-menu with the main menu for quick access.
8/11/2007 Released version 1.0
  First Public Release