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Created by: Charles DeWeese OS: All Windows

RAS Graph & Stats is a network/dialup monitor and stats tool. It provides real time graph of traffic. Detailed stats provide daily/weekly/monthly/yearly stats/user defined range. Stop watch. etc..
  • Monitor and review your Internet or network bandwidth usage with ease.
  • How fast your internet connection? We can graph it for your review.
  • How much data do you transfer? We show you a real-time graph or numerical display, as well as daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly reports.
  • Requires minimal desktop space and system resources.
  • Works with dial-up, cable modem, ADSL and more.

Stop Watch
The main graph shows you the current transfer speed. But if you need a 100% accurate measurement of the transfer speed to or from your computer, you can use the Bandwidth Stop Watch Feature. It enables you to measure bandwidth usage in a specific time interval.

Browse Mode
With our browse mode you can literally scrolls back and see a graph of the traffic that occurred minutes, even hours earlier. Ever prepare a huge download queue only to return home hours later and see it still not completed. Now you can browse your internet traffic history over the past several hours and find out exactly when it stopped and for how long.

In order for RAS G&S to continually keep track of your stats its recommended you run RAS G&S when windows start, Simply create a shortcut to RAS G&S in your Startup folder.
Right click on the shortcut and select Properties, Change the Run from "Normal" to "Minimized".

Advanced / Changing Tray activity icons

When the "Show Activity in Tray Icon" option is enabled the images will replicate windows standard network activity icons.

These icons can be customized. Simply name them 0-4.ico and place them in your RAS Graph & Stats folder.

Create a 16x16 pixel icon (16 or 256 color) and name it based on the chart below.

0.ico = Standard icon (when show activity option is unchecked)
1.ico = no activity
2.ico = activity in/out
3.ico = activity in
4.ico = activity out


Main Window

Area Chart Checked

Main Window
Here's an example of the setup I personally use.

Graph Horizontal Scale = 2 pixels
Area Chart checked
X Axis Display checked
Anti-Aliasing = High (4x4)
Line Width = 2

Main Window
For those of you who prefer simple line graphs we can do that too.

Basic Reports
Our basic reports let you see exactly how much Internet traffic data that has been transferred to and from your computer. You can select to show data transfer between days, weeks, months or years. It's also possible to export traffic reports to a spreadsheet (*.csv) compatible text file if needed.

Advanced Reports
Our advanced reports give you an idea of how much much internet traffic was transferred between two specific dates. As well as a dialog connection log. Advanced reports differ from basic reports in that here you can narrow the results down to a specific network adapter.


Release Notes:
8/3/2008 Released version 1.43
  Minor bug fixes and new anti-aliasing method.
8/21/2007 Released version 1.38
  Fixed compatibility issue with windows vista when displaying basic reports.
1/24/2007 Released version 1.37
  Replaced memory manager with Fast Memory Manager.
Added Report Export (CSV) to Basic Report dialog (right-click menu)
12/22/2006 Released version 1.34
  Better anti-aliasing support.
Browse mode that lets you scroll back through several hours of data.
Improved user interface.
XP theme support
.. and much much more