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Drew Curtis' FARK.com Interesting, bizarre and amusing news stories, along with regular photo manipulation contests.
Digg.com Social news Site, New is ranked and most popular stories appearing first.
Norris Chiropractic Health & Wellness Center Located in Quincy, Illinois - Norris Chiropractic is top of the line and I highly recommend them. I've had chronic back pain for years and now I feel great.
FlashFXP by OpenSight Software, LLC FlashFXP is the best FTP, FTPS, SFTP, FXP client for windows. Need to upload or download some files? or schedule an automated file transfer? Checkout FlashFXP.
Give away of the day Every day they offer licensed software you'd have to buy otherwise, for free!
Woot.com One Day, One Deal. I've picked up a few products from them for a fraction of the price. Some deals are so great that they don't last long, often sold out by noon.
Newegg.com I buy almost all my computer hardware from these guys. Over the past years they've supplied me with the necessary hardware to build and upgrade numerous computers. Not only did they provide top notch support and service but also saved me a fortune.
Amazon.com Occasionally I'll purchase electronic products from Amazon, but it really depends on if their price is right.
antirebate.com Like many people I absolutely hate mail-in rebates. This site (updated daily) has many coupons for lots of websites and products.
techbargains.com Daily deals and coupons for many websites.
keepcash.com Daily deals and coupons for many websites.
ecouponcodes.com Daily deals and coupons for many websites.
discountcode.net Daily deals and coupons for many websites.
speedtest.net How fast is your internet connection? This site is one of the best overall speed testing sites out there.
dslreports.com Broadband news, Search for high-speed internet availability and prices for your area. Many different broadband tools.
adams.net My internet provider. Perhaps not the fastest DSL provider in town (3mbit, whereas ATT offers 6mbit) but they have unmatched reliability and service. If you own a business and need guaranteed service you need to check them out.
wikipedia.org The biggest multilingual free-content encyclopedia on the Internet. Over 7 million articles in over 200 languages, and still growing.
QuincyForums.com A place for local area people to keep in touch and chat about things, Make new friends, or share new ideas.


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